Sustainability with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products and Apparel

Sustainability with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products and Apparel

Embrace Sustainability with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products and Apparel


In today's world, where environmental consciousness is on the rise, businesses and individuals alike are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability. One effective approach is to choose eco-friendly promotional products and apparel. These items not only showcase your brand but also demonstrate your commitment to the environment. In South Africa, there's one name that stands out as a leading supplier of such products – Best Branding South Africa. Let's explore the range of eco-friendly products they offer and how they can help you make a positive impact.
Eco-Friendly Products Supplied by Best Branding South Africa: Best Branding South Africa, based in Durban, is renowned for its extensive collection of eco-friendly promotional products and apparel. By choosing them as your preferred supplier, you gain access to a wide range of sustainable options. Here are just a few of the eco-friendly products they provide under the OKIYO brand:

1.    Promotional Pens: Replace traditional plastic pens with pens made from recycled materials or sustainable alternatives such as bamboo.
2.    Cotton Drawstring Pouch: A reusable and biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging, perfect for giveaways and small gifts.
3.    Wheat Straw Straw Set: Ditch single-use plastic straws and opt for these durable and compostable wheat straw alternatives.
4.    Bamboo Phone & Tablet Stand: Made from renewable bamboo, these stylish stands showcase your brand while promoting sustainability.
5.    Wheat Straw Mugs: Enjoy your favorite beverages guilt-free with mugs crafted from eco-friendly wheat straw.
6.    Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags: Encourage sustainable shopping habits with reusable bags made from recycled materials or natural fibers like jute.
7.    Notebooks: A5 Notebooks, Choose notebooks made from recycled paper or sustainable materials, providing a practical and eco-conscious gift.
8.    Cork Cosmetic Bags: Replace traditional synthetic cosmetic bags with durable and natural cork options.
9.    Cork Mouse Pads: Opt for mouse pads made from renewable cork, which provides a comfortable and eco-friendly surface.
10.    Jute Tote Bags: These versatile and sturdy tote bags, made from natural jute fibers, are an excellent eco-friendly alternative.
11.    Glass Water Bottles: Promote hydration and sustainability with reusable glass water bottles, a greener choice over disposable plastic.
12.    Recycled Plastic Pens: Showcase your commitment to recycling with pens made from recycled plastic materials.
13.    Wheat Straw Lunch Box: Choose a sustainable alternative to plastic lunch boxes with wheat straw-based options.
14.    Bamboo Memory Stick: Store and transfer data with USB memory sticks made from sustainable bamboo.
15.    Braai Tongs: Grilling enthusiasts will appreciate eco-friendly braai tongs made from sustainable materials.
16.    Cotton Aprons: Opt for aprons made from organic cotton, reducing the environmental impact of conventional cotton production.
17.    Cork Desk Mat: A natural and sustainable alternative to traditional desk mats, made from renewable cork.
18.    Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set: Embrace eco-friendly cooking with utensils made from sustainable bamboo.
19.    Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker: Enjoy your favorite music while being eco-conscious with wireless speakers crafted from bamboo.
20.    Cork Backpack: Choose a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to traditional backpacks with durable cork options.
21.    Bamboo Cheese Board Set: Impress clients or guests with a sustainable bamboo cheese board and knife set.
22.    Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker Light: Combine ambiance and sustainability with these unique bamboo speakers that also function as mood lighting.
23.    Bamboo Wine Accessories Set: Enhance wine enthusiasts' experience with sustainable bamboo wine accessories.
24.    Okiyo Homegrown Food Platter: Serve your culinary creations on a beautifully crafted, eco-friendly food platter.
25.    Okiyo Yakiniku 5-Piece Braai Set: Grill with style and sustainability using this 5-piece braai set made from high-quality materials.
26.    Okiyo Musen Desk Organizer With Wireless Charger: Keep your workspace tidy and charge your devices wirelessly with this multifunctional, eco-friendly desk organizer.

Conclusion: When it comes to choosing promotional products and apparel, it's crucial to consider their environmental impact. Best Branding South Africa offers an extensive range of eco-friendly, sustainable options that align with your values and brand identity. By opting for their products, you can showcase your commitment to sustainability while effectively promoting your business. Embrace eco-consciousness, make a positive impact, and choose Best Branding South Africa as your preferred supplier for sustainable promotional products and apparel.
Best Branding South Africa: Preferred Supplier Across South Africa: Best Branding South Africa is not only a trusted supplier in Durban but also serves customers throughout South Africa.  Showrooms and collection points are also available in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Pretoria, and Durban, they are easily accessible across the country. Whether you're located in the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, or North West, Best Branding South Africa can deliver their branded promotional products and apparel right to your doorstep.

Okiyo eco-friendly sustainable products supplied by Best Branding South Africa are listed below:

Okiyo Sora Bamboo Ball Pen - Black
Code: PEN-1927-BL

Okiyo Denki Ball Pen
Code: WI-OK-263-B

Okiyo Chikara Cotton Mini Drawstring Pouch
Code: BAG-4716

Okiyo Saiko Wheat Straw Straw Set
Code: GIFT-17471

Okiyo Chikara Cotton Midi Drawstring Pouch
Code: BAG-4721

Okiyo Wumu Cork Mouse Pad
Code: TECH-5161

Okiyo Midori Cotton A5 Document Pouch
Code: BG-OK-397-B

Okiyo Chikara Cotton Maxi Drawstring Pouch
Code: BAG-4731

Okiyo Heiki Wheat Straw Cutlery Set
Code: GIFT-54100

Okiyo Shinpura Bamboo Phone & Tablet Stand
Code: TECH-5337

Okiyo Orei Cotton Drawstring Bag
Code: BAG-4741

Okiyo Midori Cotton A4 Document Pouch
Code: BG-OK-398-B

Okiyo Bijin Cotton Drawstring Bag
Code: BAG-4763

Okiyo Deshi Wheat Straw Mug- 300ml
Code: MUG-6715

Okiyo Ookii Cotton Shopper
Code: BAG-4743

Okiyo Bijin Cotton Shopper
Code: BAG-4753

Okiyo Inshu Cotton Wine Tote
Code: HL-OK-122-B

Okiyo Kinben Sustainable Stationery Set
Code: ST-OK-114-B

Okiyo Sakura Cork A5 Hard Cover Notebook - Blue
Code: NB-9983-BU

Okiyo Sakura Cork A5 Hard Cover Notebook - Red
Code: NB-9983-R

Okiyo Kawai Wheat Straw Mug Set - 350ml
Code: MUG-6710

Okiyo Nakama Bamboo Cutlery Set
Code: GIFT-17434

Okiyo Sodan Cork A5 Soft Cover Notebook
Code: NB-9985

Okiyo Nikko Bamboo Golf Accessories Set
Code: GF-OK-934-B

Okiyo Koruku Cork Cosmetic Bag
Code: BG-OK-375-B

Okiyo Suru Midi Spiral Bound Hard Cover Notebook
Code: NF-OK-142-B

Okiyo Kaigi Cotton Document Bag
Code: BG-OK-345-B

Okiyo Sakura Cork A5 Hard Cover Notebook
Code: NB-9983

Okiyo Yasashii Jute Shopper
Code: BG-OK-373-B

Okiyo Kurosu Bamboo Phone Stand
Code: MT-OK-393-B

Okiyo Fsc Certified Paper A5 Hard Cover Notebook
Code: NF-OK-158-B

Okiyo Ekslens Bamboo Phone Stand
Code: TECH-5315

Okiyo Bouken Luggage Tag
Code: GIFT-17456

Okiyo Denki Cork A5 Hard Cover Notebook
Code: NF-OK-155-B

Okiyo Yoshi Jute Tote
Code: BAG-4710

Okiyo Kachi Jute Tote
Code: BAG-4695

Okiyo Suru Maxi Spiral Bound Hard Cover Notebook
Code: NF-OK-141-B

Okiyo Koruku Cork Toiletry Bag
Code: TB-4315

Okiyo Wabi-Sabi Glass Water Bottle - 500ml
Code: DR-OK-212-B

Okiyo Katagi Wheat Straw Tumbler - 450ml
Code: DW-7270

Okiyo Mimasu Hard Cover Cork Notebook
Code: NF-OK-156-B

Okiyo Atsui Jute Tote
Code: BAG-4700

Okiyo Taikai Cotton Tote
Code: BG-OK-383-B

Okiyo Kashira Jute Tote
Code: BAG-4690

Okiyo Hikari Jute Tote
Code: BAG-4693

Okiyo Joki Cork Double-Wall Tumbler - 350ml
Code: DR-OK-205-B

Okiyo Machi Wheat Straw Lunch Box
Code: GIFT-17470

Okiyo Sozo Sublimation Ceramic Mug - 330ml
Code: DR-OK-187-B

Okiyo Soshin Cork 3-In-1 Charging Cable
Code: GF-OK-1003-B

Okiyo Cardon Cork A5 Hard Cover Notebook Giftset
Code: NB-9980

Okiyo Noto Gift Set
Code: GF-OK-898-B

Okiyo Minna Paper Stationery Set
Code: GIFT-17474

Okiyo Kimi Wheat Straw Water Bottle - 680ml
Code: DW-7265

Okiyo Bouken Passport Holder
Code: GIFT-17455

Okiyo Denki A5 Hard Cover Notebook Gift Set
Code: GF-OK-1082-B

Okiyo Ranchi Wheat Straw Lunch Box
Code: CL-OK-94-B

Okiyo Rirakkusu Scented Candle
Code: PC-OK-147-B

Okiyo Benkyou Bamboo Memory Stick - 8GB
Code: USB-7490

Okiyo Shimasu Bamboo Memory Stick - 8GB
Code: USB-7495

Okiyo Komorebi Bamboo Memory Stick - 16GB
Code: USB-7406

Okiyo Moco Double-Wall Glass Cup - 350ml
Code: DW-7335

Okiyo Osu Glass Coffee Plunger - 350ml
Code: HL-OK-117-B

Okiyo Okidoki Braai Tongs
Code: OL-OK-30-B

Okiyo Gohan Cotton Apron
Code: HL-OK-119-B

Okiyo Yahari Bamboo A5 Hard Cover Notebook Giftset
Code: NB-9990

Okiyo Edamu Bamboo Cheese Board
Code: HL-OK-132-B

Okiyo Seiri Cork Desk Mat
Code: GF-OK-918-B

Chiba Kraft Gift Set
Code: GF-OK-1034-B

Okiyo Shioki Salt Or Pepper Mill
Code: HL-OK-133-B

Okiyo Betsubara Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set
Code: HL-OK-116-B

Goda Kraft Gift Set
Code: GF-OK-1035-B

Harada Kraft Gift Set
Code: GF-OK-1037-B

Okiyo Oto Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker
Code: MT-OK-371-B

Okiyo Hamana Glass Water Jug - 1500ml
Code: HL-OK-136-B

Furuta Kraft Gift Set
Code: GF-OK-1038-B

Okiyo Noryoku Bamboo Wireless Charging Phone Stand
Code: MT-OK-414-B

Okiyo Chizu Bamboo Cheese Board Set
Code: HL-OK-124-B

Okiyo Koruku Cork Backpack
Code: BAG-4621

Okiyo Heiwa Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker Light
Code: MT-OK-398-B

Okiyo Ameno RPET Compact Umbrella
Code: UM-OK-23-B

Okiyo Washoku Gift Set
Code: GF-OK-830-B

Okiyo Budonoki Bamboo Wine Accessories Set
Code: HL-OK-137-B

Okiyo Musen Desk Organiser With Wireless Charger
Code: MT-OK-389-B

Okiyo Homegrown Round Paddle Board
Code: LS-6710

Okiyo Yoru Bamboo Multifunction Night Light
Code: MT-OK-411-B

Okiyo Suraisu Bamboo Food And Wine Set
Code: HL-OK-138-B

Okiyo Homegrown Large Paddle Board
Code: LS-6705

Okiyo Homegrown Large Steak Board
Code: LS-6715

Okiyo Odoriko Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker
Code: MT-OK-419-B

Okiyo Wainoka Wine Set
Code: LS-6700

Okiyo Homegrown Rectangular Food Platter
Code: HL-OK-131-B

Okiyo Homegrown Medium Round Food Platter
Code: HL-OK-128-B

Okiyo Homegrown Large Round Food Platter
Code: HL-OK-130-B

Okiyo Yakiniku 5-Piece Braai Set
Code: GIFT-17590

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