A great brand is more than a label or a logo, it is a promise that inspires confidence and trust.  ENHANCE YOUR CORPORATE IDENTITY WITH OUR EXCLUSIVE GLOBAL BRANDS  Many of our Promotional Products are curated under exceptional brands.  Some of these brands have formed part of our collection for many years, whilst others such as Alex Varga are launching for the first time. Some of the existing brands have been reinvigorated and refreshed to include new packaging and product composition. These updates can be seen across a number of the existing brands, in particular Kooshty and Swiss Cougar. Brands increase the perceived value of the product and are extremely appealing to the end-user, as they are unique and embody quality and assurance.Best Branding will continue to grow the existing brands and introduce new brands.  Kindly request for our new Alex Varga, Swiss Cougar, Kooshty and Andy Cartwright products catalogue. We are certain that they will be extremely popular.

Best Branding's promotional products

Best Branding's promotional products and corporate gifts as well as branded corporate clothing or uniforms are cost-effective ways to keep brands noticed and remembered for long periods of time

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Best Branding offers over 18 different branding methods. To view select Branding Solutions from the main menu.

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Best Branding supplies over 21 000 products and over 80 different brands.

Best Branding offers very popular promotional products are cheap branded promotional pens, lanyards, branded coffee mugs, printed t-shirts and branded jackets.High Statistics vary per country but, on average, around 80% of recipients will remember the advertiser after receiving a promotional gift item and approximately 45% of those keeping the product for at least 12 months.”   “The Promotional Products Association International  shows interesting results when it comes to the five ‘Rs’ of promotional products, namely reach, reaction, recall, resonance and repeated exposure.

  • Reach — 89% of consumers have received a promotional product in the last six months.
  • Reaction — 79% of these actually researched the brand and 83% said that they would be more likely to do business with the brand after receipt of the item.
  • Recall — 90% of respondents recall the branding, 80% recall the message and 70% recall the call to action.
  • Resonance — 82% recorded a more favourable impression of the brand after receiving a promotional product.
  • Repeated exposure — 81% said that they keep their product for more than a year.

Best Branding has noticed that demand for Eco Products or Environmentally friendly promotional and corporate gifts are on the increase, as businesses are becoming more aware of being socially and environmentally conscious, with a focus on the likes of reusable water bottles — glass or aluminium and even BPA free plastic. Best Branding South Africa supplies an ECO-CONSCIOUS OKIYO RANGE OF CORPORATE AND PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS.  Okiyo brings you a range of products made entirely or partially from materials that are reusable, recycled, recyclable or harvested from sustainable natural resources. The elements used to make these environmentally conscious items include; cork, bamboo, wheat straw, paper, jute and cotton. By bringing these products together under one collection with a clear identity, we hope to reduce the impact we have on the world we all live in.

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